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Welcome to The Grand Prix 4 WikiEdit

The Grand Prix 4 Wiki, created in September 2010, is the new free encyclopedia all about "Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4" (also known as GP4), one of the best F1 simulations for PC, competing with games like rFactor and F1 2010 and despite it's age, is still popular. Grand Prix 4 was first released in early 2002.

Grand Prix 4 is supported by online communities, such as, and to name a few. The modding community has kept GP4 up to date with the continous release of new cars and tracks. Add ons such as gpx_patch and CSM (Car Set Manager) and TSM (Track Set Manager) have made the loading of complete carsets and tracks easier, and has allowed the community to create entire seasons based on past and present F1, and also fantasy series used for running community based racing leagues.

This wiki is still W.I.P.

Default cars in GP4
Ferrari F2001
McLaren MP4-16
Williams FW23
Benetton B201
BAR 003
Jordan EJ11
Arrows A22
Sauber C20
Jaguar R2
Minardi PS01
Prost AP04
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